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Former Walla Wallan Colleen Aylward is overjoyed for son JD Aylward as he may finally be done with surgeries. In the most resent procedure, he had a titanium skull installed, she emailed in early May and said he is home and recovering well.

JD, 24, was found unconscious from a beating on Sept. 23, 2012. Doctors felt at first that he would have lifetime disabilities from the fractured skull. They had to cut a portion of the skull out to keep the brain swelling from killing him. His recovery has been described by doctors as miraculous, according to news reports.

“I had my left whole eye socket broken. I had cuts, scrapes and bruises,” he said told KING 5 News reporter Linda Byron, in an April 24 interview.

He was unaware of being in a coma, or having seizures and blood transfusions, while friends and family held vigils in the hospital for weeks.

He was a football star at Sammamish High School and Boise State University prior to the attack. He remembers nothing of what happened after he’d spent time with friends at a Bellevue, Wash., nightclub.

He waited for the titanium skull for a long time. “And I feel great. Now it’s a matter of the last surgery and everything being perfect,” he said in the interview prior to surgery.

He reunited with the taxi driver who found him and called for help. Kiet — whose last name has not been revealed as the attacker is still at large — said at first he thought JD was dead. He was worried that he wouldn’t survive even when he saw JD’s finger move.

“Both Kiet and Aylward say they hope police solve the case. Alwyard said he is ‘frustrated and scared’ about the lack of answers.”

“What if it happens again? There’s someone out there, someone speak up, help me out, help the next person out that’s gonna get hurt next time,” JD said in the KOMO interview.

The case is still being investigated by Bellevue Police but no suspects have been ID’d.

Colleen is the author of “From Bedlam to Boardroom … How to get a derailed executive career back on track!” and president of Devon James Associates Inc.

Milton-Freewater resident and author Patricia Pomeroy Tanner’s interview with Bonnie Kaye on July 14 will be podcast live at 4 p.m. on Books of Excellence, Patricia will talk about her modern-day Western, “The Shining Mountains Mystery.”

She is also slated to sign copies of her book at 1 p.m. July 1 at the US Bank branch in Milton-Freewater.

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