Street fixes planned around city

Work runs the gamut from chip seals to major work at Myra and Dalles Military roads.

Construction projects will be a familiar sight in Walla Walla over the coming months.

Construction projects will be a familiar sight in Walla Walla over the coming months. Photo by Jeff Horner.


WALLA WALLA — City crews, along with subcontractors, will be busy completing a dozen road construction improvements this summer and early fall worth $8.28 million. Here is a roundup of the projects:

Where’s the money come from?

$4.14 million primarily from federal and state grants, with some funding through local area grants.

$1.75 million from dedicated sales tax revenues for road improvements.

$1.69 million from IRRP funds.

$663,000 from ratepayers of water and wastewater funds.

$45,000 from stormwater funds.

Lowered intersection

The largest and most expensive project this year will be lowering of the road crest at Myra and Dalles Military roads. The project will cut eight feet from the crest to improve visibility and freight mobility. Utility related work has already begun, though the majority of construction will be early July-November. Expect detours with continued access to businesses.

Cost: $2.7 million funded by federal and state transportation grants, with Walla Walla and College Place funding $300,000 each.

Rose Street rebuild

The reconstruction of Rose Street from 13th Avenue to Myra Road will take place July-October. Work will be staggered so at least one lane of traffic in either direction will remain open. Expect delay with continued access to businesses.

Cost: $1.6 million funded by dedicated local sales tax revenues for road improvements.

The reconstruction of 13th Avenue from Abadie to Cherry streets will complete a larger grouping of projects that stretches from Rose Street to the Washington State Penitentiary. The goal of the projects was to improve the traffic and pedestrian corridor on 13th Avenue with the addition of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street lighting, repaving and road widening. Construction is expected to run this month through November. The construction area will be closed to through traffic.

Cost: $971,500 funded primarily through federal grants.

IRRP work

This year’s IRRP funded projects will include Pleasant Street from Fern Avenue to Sturm, Fern from Pleasant to Whitman Street, Statesman Street from Pleasant to Juniper Street and approximately one block of Home north of Pleasant. Construction has already begun and will continue through September. Expect delays and use alternate routes. Some streets will be limited to local access only.

Cost: $1.69 million funded by water and wastewater utility ratepayers.

Orchard Street update

Orchard Street near the Fairgrounds will get sidewalks, curbs, gutters, bike lanes and parallel parking from Ninth to Chase avenues. The additions coincide with a Fairgrounds entrance renovation project. Work has already begun and Orchard Street, which is expected to be closed throughout most of the construction. The projects are scheduled to be completed prior to Fair Week.

Cost: $469,251, funded by federal, state and local improvement funds from Walla Walla County and Valley Transit.

Water line fixes

Leaking underground water lines along Brevor Drive and North Eighth Avenue will be fixed between August and mid-October. Access will be limited to local traffic.

Cost: $360,000 funded by water utility ratepayers (work on Eighth Avenue is dependent on the bid for Brevor coming in low enough).

Sewer line replacement

A “high maintenance” sewer line in the alley between Oak and Pine streets will be replaced, and a “problematic” sewer pump station near the Holiday Inn Express on Pine Street will be removed and sewage will be rerouted to a recently built Myra Road sewer main. Construction will take place July to mid-September. Expect delays and some closures.

Cost: $163,000 for sewer line replacement, $140,000 for pump station rerouting, funded by wastewater utility ratepayers.

Revamped pipe for Lincoln Creek

The Lincoln Creek pipe that runs under Second Avenue will be lined and reinforced. Construction will take place July through August with no road closures and only minor traffic delays.

Cost: $45,000 funded by storm water improvement funds.

Street patches

City crews will perform a variety of street spot repairs, which will include patching holes, sealing cracks, manhole cover replacements and other repairs on Myra Road, Orchard Street, Alder Street, Second Avenue and Isaacs Avenue. No closures are expected on Myra Road, but the other three streets may see closures of up to two blocks at a time. Work is expected to start this week on Orchard Street, with projects continuing through October.

Cost: $146,000 total funded by dedicated local sale tax revenues for road improvements.

Chip seals

City officials are keeping with their commitment to chip seal roads in good condition to prolong their life. This year, work crews will chip seal Melrose, Sumach and Catherine streets. Work has already begun and, if the weather cooperates, could be completed in a couple of weeks. Expect minor delays.

Cost: $114,000 funded by city general funds and Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax revenues.

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