Official: Gilbert’s license to do business revoked in Oregon


SALEM — Mark Gilbert was a no-show when the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles held a hearing on May 31 regarding civil penalties against the financially-troubled owner of several car dealerships. Only one is in Oregon. It is located in Pendleton.

That means the civil penalties against Gilbert stand and his license to do business in Oregon has been revoked for three years.

“He is out of the business in Oregon,” Christopher Ratliff of the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles said. “There is still another pending case. Mr. Gilbert did not ask for a hearing, so it is in default. If it remains unchallenged it will include a revocation of the license for five years.”

Gilbert recently had three of his Chapter 11 filings dismissed for dealerships in Pendleton, Walla Walla and Idaho. His dealership in Moses Lake remains under Chapter 11.

Ratliff says that Gilbert has also written bad checks to Oregon DMV and that could be considered theft.

“We tried to work with him to keep him in business,” Ratliff said. “He won’t be getting licensed again, I will bet.”

Gilbert also faces court action from the auto companies he represents, the city of College Place and the state of Washington.


zerocat 2 years, 1 month ago

Wow i can't believe this scam artists isn't in jail yet. Scamming from Washington to Oregon and saying hes gnna reopen in walla walla. Mark Gilbert is a Criminal. Lock him up. Mormon church probably will back him up with more cash so he can go and scam again.


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