In the Minutes - Walla Walla City Council


Walla Walla City Council members are Mayor Jim Barrow, Conrado Cavazos, Barbara Clark, Jerry Cummins, Mary Lou Jenkins, Shane Laib and Chris Plucker. Council members Mayor Barrow, Cavazos and Jenkins were absent. The Council voted as follows at its Wednesday meeting:

LINCOLN CREEK: Awarded $44,284 bid to Columbia Pumping and Construction, Inc. for Second Avenue pipe lining project. Unanimous.

OAK STREET ALLEY: Awarded $153,913 bid to John’s Excavating and Paving for sewer line replacement. Unanimous.

ROSE STREET: Tabled decision on $1,796,416 contract with Humbert Asphalt for repaving between 13th Avenue and Myra Road.

TRANSPORTATION: Adopted amendments to Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan. Unanimous.

SPRING HILLS SUBDIVISION: Approved final plant for a 44-lot subdivision. Unanimous.


dogman12 2 years, 2 months ago

Hey UB: I searched for "minutes" and "council" and did not turn up this story. Really?

I certainly hope the delay of the Rose Street project into 2014 is worthy of a real story.


barracuda 2 years, 2 months ago

It was run on most radio stations yesterday.... Too much money at this time.... The bids came in over budget.... Try again next year to afford it. My guess? WW will follow CP's lead and try to float a bond.... And (according to the UB front stories as of late)... it is just in time for a new Lincoln/Wa-Hi bond...



dogman12 2 years, 2 months ago

Yeah, I dug out the 18mg pdf from the City website and on pages 30-36 was the discussion of the issue. Radio stations had the news: oh U-B, where are you?


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