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I have been retired from teaching and as an intervention specialist in Walla Walla for three years. I have found something of worth — the Grandmothers Roundtable!

These are ladies who want to bring positive changes to our community so that our grandchildren have it better. What a concept!

But they don’t just talk about it, they do something. How about over 10 years of forums to educate and motivate the rest of us to join them in doing something to make a difference?

The Grandmothers Roundtable has another one Monday at the Walla Walla Community College Conference Center, Room 185, It starts at 7 p.m. and it is free.

It is a well-researched forum called, “Are We Preparing Our Children for the Changing World?” The Grandmothers interviewed many individuals before this presentation so helpful information will be offered that will make a difference.

Do you really know all there is out there in our community? Well, if not, come join the Grandmothers Roundtable and bring others you know and find out!

Jacque Richerzhagen

College Place


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