Walsh not afraid to admit change in view


I agree with Rep. Maureen Walsh and her change of heart on House Bill 1588 regarding background checks for gun purchases.

You go girl. Brave and proud!

She is a good woman. A friend and (politician) who is not afraid to admit when she has needed to make a change. Haven’t we all at some time? Yes!

Our Second Amendment is safe, but the other stuff in HB 1588 truly would be a burden on law-abiding folks like me and almost all of us. We need to keep working on the scumbags of society.

Maureen has always been in the forefront for all of us. This is not an easy job. In fact, it’s grueling.

What happened in Newtown was a horrible act against all our children — against all Americans! Maureen Walsh will guide our legislative body in a direction that balances everyday American values with Second Amendment rights.

I appreciate Maureen, her passion and retrospect. She will always have my support!

I trust Maureen and the Legislature will make a concerted effort to make tackling mental-health issues and gun accessibility to suspect citizens a top priority.

Kevin Patterson

Walla Walla


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