Arrest and punish felons with guns


On Jan. 27 Carlan Bradshaw (“Gun views should change with the times”) mentioned one of my letters while others advocated registration, Annie Capistany (“Rational gun restrictions are not threat to freedoms”) and Patricia Bates (Banning “assault weapons and magazines”).

Ms. Bradshaw claimed Noah Webster “could appear a Founding Father socialist” because he equated freedom with “equal distribution of property,” espousing “a general distribution of property among every class of people.”

No, Webster didn’t uphold socialist views of wealth and property redistribution (agenda of Obama and supporters) but the exact opposite — private property rights for all citizens. Socialism is diametrically opposed to individual property rights.

The comment that Webster (or any of the mentioned Founders) would “likely have updated his view on guns given changing times” isn’t accurate because the Founders were amazingly far-sighted and the reason for the Second Amendment is as valid now as it was then.

Ms. Bradshaw’s point that armed citizens could never be superior to the military isn’t valid either.

Our military — at least those who would obey illegal orders to usurp the Constitution they’ve sworn to defend — would be no match for millions of gun owners refusing to cooperate and surrender their firearms.

I’ve always been a strong advocate for our government, having served it for 32 years, and would discourage anyone from crossing the thin line between expressing discontent and sedition (see the Smith Act).

Yet Webster, Madison, Jefferson and others were correct that no military force controlled by an unconstitutional government could ever subdue an overwhelming number of armed citizens. Bear in mind our Taliban and Iraqi insurgency enemies had no tanks, aircraft nor nuclear weapons.

In “How do you prevent felons from having guns?” (Feb. 24), Dick Swenson wrote, “we must find a way to know who has firearms.” Really? It’s Mr. Swenson’s business to know which law-abiding citizens have firearms?

Mr. Swenson used a form of the word “control” at least seven times but the true intent of hardcore anti-gun politicians (progressive Democrats) when they use that word is “people control” — which is antithetical to freedom. Despotic governments throughout history have controlled their people by first registering guns and then disarming citizens. More laws — including registration — must be strongly opposed.

What will help stop felons with guns are arrests and mandatory, harsh penalties whenever guns are used in crimes — including felons who attempt to buy guns via NICS, which is not being done!

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


barracuda 2 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Singleton.... While I dont agree with most of your previous letters... This letter is dead on...


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