Hmmm, guns at schools


Definition — Guns: Any weapon, e.g. a revolver, rifle, machine gun, cannon or piece of artillery, having a metal tube along which a bullet or shell is propelled by explosive force.

Stick to one’s gun: To defend doggedly one’s position.

Carry a gun? Some thoughts about guns at school.

l. The principal has a permit to carry, gun is safely stored in the safe, but “our secretary has the combination somewhere and it’s her day off!”

  1. Teachers can carry. “I didn’t get my tenure so let’s not talk anymore — BANG!”

  2. Children can carry. I want an A in chemistry or else!

  3. Who has the gun today?

  4. I can’t find the grade or attendance schedule and by the way where did I put my gun?

  5. Gun Safety Class. Bring your guns to school and learn how to clean, load and shoot. But it’s the “unloaded” gun that kills.

  6. Six-year-old Jacob brought his “Lego gun” to school again.

  7. Staff Room Annoucement. Special safe available to store your gun during staff meetings.

Wow! I don’t think I’ll carry because I can’t find my remote today.

P.S. Is this the can of worms?

Patty Foster Choisser

Walla Walla


tpeacock 2 years, 6 months ago

What in the world is any of this applicable to, but more to the point; what is your point? There's enough absolutely senseless ramblings on this subject already, but this one shoots to the top of the list.


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