Life took unexpected turn after accident


Jaimie Berghammer, 22, has moved on to the next phase of life, working and living in her home town of Clarkston, after helping Walla Walla Community College teammate and roommate Kayla Hutcheson make it through much of her recovery.

It was always the plan to move back home after graduation with a major in agricultural business from University of Idaho, Berghammer said.

Her life looks different than she expected it to, however.

“Most people, when they go off to college, they have time to find themselves. We were not only freshmen in college, we were also playing basketball and taking care of Kayla. It was a lot to handle but I think it made me a stronger person in the end.”

When she left Walla Walla in the summer of 2010, it was a relief to not have to cook two meals or help Hutcheson with homework, but she wouldn’t have missed the experience, especially in the second year when the two students shared a room, Berghammer said.

“It brought us closer. We had the same living style, we shared the fridge, we did laundry together ... we just shared everything.”


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