How would Rep. Walsh reduce gun tragedies?


I am on a Walla Walla Community Council Committee studying the issue of communication between citizens and government. State Rep. Maureen Walsh, R-College Place, appeared as a member of a panel when we discussed communication with state government.

I felt she was a good participant, enjoyed her comments and, as a result, I even voted for her — though I am neither Republican nor Democrat. This letter is in response to Walsh’s letter of Feb. 28 in the Union-Bulletin.

First, her letter extended her website comment in that it included the phrase “... would harm only law abiding citizens.”

After careful reading of the three-page HB 1588 (short and sweet!) I had trouble conceiving of how any law-abiding citizen would be harmed. As far as I can tell, the bill simply addresses the problem of uncontrolled gun transfers. (HB 1588 would prevent me from buying a bunch of guns and then reselling them to whomever I wish. Is that harming me?) I note that this looks to be something that the Congress seems to be looking seriously at.

Second, Walsh is correct, “... no legislation will ever address the criminal element as far as guns are concerned.” Does it follow logically (she uses use that word in her letter) that we should not try to reduce the possibility of guns falling into the hands of those who shouldn’t possess them?

Or perhaps we should not try to prevent murder (no law has ever stopped a murderer), or rape (no law has ever stopped a rapist), or embezzlement, or drunken driving, or ... only punish the miscreants. She should follow her own logic!

Finally, I think that it is incumbent upon Walsh to follow up on her letter to provide specific ideas as to how to prevent, or at least lessen the potential for, future gun tragedies. Punishing perpetrators is easy, but never prevents the crime. Punishment is only a means to legally avenge crimes.

Walsh should provide some concrete ideas that can be discussed, not just abstract criticisms.

Dick Swenson

Walla Walla


ahmanna 2 years, 8 months ago

I'm a little puzzled as to your letter. It sounds like you are saying we should have gun control laws, instead of just laws to punish miscreants, just as we have laws to prevent rape or murder or embezzlement. But--we don't have any laws that prevent any of these things, we only have laws to punish the people who commit these crimes. Even restraining orders (the only murder-prevention law I could think of) are only applied to people who have singled themselves out as a threat. I'm not saying we shouldn't have reasonable, carefully considered gun control laws, I was just puzzled by your letter.


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