Tattooed performer to appear in Walla Walla

The Enigma, aka Paul Lawrence, will be in town for book signings, tattooing and a performance.

The Enigma, aka Paul Lawrence, will be in town for book signings, tattooing and a performance.


WALLA WALLA — The Enigma, the sideshow performer whose body is covered with puzzle-piece tattoos and implanted horns on his forehead, will be shocking and tattooing locals on Thursday and Friday.

The Enigma is the Seattle-raised Paul Lawrence, who started his sword-swallowing career at 15.

Today, The Enigma is best known as the tattoo covered daredevil musician who has appeared in “The X-Files,” “Ripley’s Believe it or Not,” Steve Balderson’s film “Firecracker,” and was named the most famous tattooed man in history by The Discovery Channel,

As for the Enigma’s show, The Showdevils is a mixture of dare devil feats, such as cutting an apple out of a mouth with a chain saw, coupled with acts of self mutilation, such as running a drill up his nose, said show emcee Duane “Bald Man” Worden.

“Most people just laugh and sometimes throw out a ‘holy smoke,’ but there are people that may not like it,” Worden said.

Those who would like to see and meet The Enigma on less shocking grounds can attend a book signing at Book & Game on Thursday from 5-7 p.m., where he will be signing copies of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 2013 Special Edition,” which features the tattooed man on the cover.

Fans and puzzle junkies will get their opportunity to take their love of enigmas to deeper depths with their own puzzle piece tattoo created by The Enigma.

On Thursday and Friday at noon, The Enigma will tattoo puzzle pieces at Tatmandu, 2200 E. Melrose St.

Worden, who has several of The Enigma’s puzzle tattoos, said it takes about 20 minutes. Cost is $50 per puzzle piece.

Cost for The Showdevils is $5 with tickets sold at the door at 36 S. Colville St. in the old Underground.

The performance starts Friday at 8 p.m. and is for those 18 and up.


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