Corporate Cup a chance for businesses, community to shine


In April, for two special and fun weeks, Walla Walla businesses will go all out to show their growing commitment to good health and fitness.

Created in 2012, the Corporate Cup Challenge is organized by the Walla Walla YMCA with teams formed by local businesses. As part of a commitment to healthy living, the YMCA Corporate Cup is a demonstration of community health, fitness and spirit.

It’s a great opportunity for working men and women to discover the benefits of feeling and looking their best.

Teams will participate in 12 different events: 5K walk/run, basketball, bench press, bowling, endurance event, pickleball, poker, pool relay, tug of war, volleyball and wiffleball. The event will kick off April 8 and conclude with a family-friendly awards ceremony April 20.

Businesses of any size in the Walla Walla and surrounding areas are encouraged to take part in the upcoming YMCA Corporate Cup.

Any person, regardless of fitness level, may be a team member. The only requirements are each participant must be at least 18 years of age and an employee, or spouse of an employee of the participating company.

The emphasis is on activating the community and getting as many people as possible involved in health and wellness.

Last year’s Corporate Cup provided fun and excitement for over 1,000 participants on eight teams. The event continues into its second year with hopes of reaching an even higher amount of participation.

Reigning champions Baker Boyer Bank proudly displayed the traveling Corporate Cup Trophy in the lobby of their main branch over the past year. Runner-up was the Washington State Penitentiary with the host, Walla Walla YMCA, coming in third place.

In addition to the many benefits the Corporate Cup Challenge has for employees, it can also be used as a cost-effective marketing tool to promote your company and garner business. Throughout the two weeks of competition, players and spectators are repeatedly exposed to company names and logos as well as witness team spirit and sportsmanship.

The event will conclude with an awards ceremony which will provide events for the entire family along with a potluck and barbecue.

It will be a time for participants from each team to socialize, network and relax after the two-week competition. The first place team will be awarded the traveling trophy and will get to bask in their glory of being named the 2013 YMCA Corporate Cup Champions.

Now more than ever, our businesses, our teams, and our citizens need healthy activities to share. If you and/or your business are ready to step up to the challenge then sign up today! Register online at

Lacey Evans is communications director at the Walla Walla YMCA.


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