Helping hand can help children, society find success


Health is not only for the body. The mind must also be healthy to be whole.

As we get older there is a tendency to think about previous decisions and suddenly thoughts of what we “would have, should have, or could have but didn’t” do often come to mind.

Instead of the “forget about your past” mentality of today, I believe its good to recognize where you’ve been in order to improve in the future. Without this knowledge and understanding it becomes difficult to know where you are going.

Peace of mind brings a a sense of freedom unlike anything else. No taxes will be paid for that and no one can take it from you. People and things will try to change it. Age and experience may jade it. Yet inevitably in the end it is yours to mold.

So as I reflect about that last statement, I realize the great responsibility to those who challenge our thoughts and influence the sacred freedom of the mind, especially in regard to children.

A child’s mind is an untapped resource, capable of unimaginable greatness or incomprehensible horror and many things in between. There are many ways an adult can help shape the life of a child in positive yet non-time consuming ways. One simple way is to donate to any of the many organizations that serve children and families. For example, Bluewood Ski Resort is doing a Share the Warmth drive. You can also drop off used sports equipment at the Y for the upcoming summer sports programs.

As adults it is important to recognize that we are the shapers of children. When a child fails, society can be quick to blame anything and everything except ourselves.

A child’s greatness can be set on a path by the littlest of things or thrown off by a cataclysmic event that only the child recognizes. When that happens, offering a helping hand or having someone recognize and genuinely care about the child can ease their troubled minds.

While it can be hard to find time to actually get out and volunteer it is well worth the energy and effort. If you need some help finding a place to get involved, consider the following options:

Different organizations such as Camp Fire, Parks and Recreation and the Y will host summer programs that could use volunteers or donations. Donations come in different forms, including monetary donations or equipment.

Both are ways to help the kids have a safe area to stay involved during the summer days. It is always better to do something even if it seems small. However, to do nothing at all is the only way we fail.

How someone deals with success and failure is the truest form of effort. The truth amongst children is that they base the beginnings of their attitudes on reactions to victories and defeats expressed by the surrounding adults.

Being conscious of where one has been and where they may go gives solace to those past discretions or confirms past successes.

Seeing success through the eyes of a child can make your mind healthier, your soul stronger and your body feel younger.


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