Federal budget cuts could affect state revenues


OLYMPIA — A House Democratic leader says the federal budget cuts that started taking effect last week could increase the state’s budget woes.

House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan told union activists he believes that the cuts could cause a decrease of $500 million to the state’s upcoming revenue forecast.

Lawmakers are in the midst of a 105-day legislative session, tasked with patching a projected budget deficit that was already near $1 billion, not counting additional money needed for a court-ordered requirement that they increase funding to basic education.

According to the state Office of Financial Management, the $85 billion in federal across-the-board cuts, if carried out fully across the country, could subtract $3.4 billion or 4 percent, from the state’s economy.

The cuts are expected to carve almost $83 million out of state-administered programs over the next several months.


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