Abolish death penalty in state


One thing most Americans seldom realize is how ineffective, inhumane and expensive capital punishment (known as “the death penalty”) is.

Washington state’s current death penalty methods are by hanging or intravenous injection. Washington’s death penalty began in 1849.

Many people believe the death penalty is effective in reducing crime and cutting costs.

Washington state, California and Texas had 110, 709 and 1,244 prisoners executed, respectively. Texas, despite having the most people executed, has some of the highest crime rates in America. The cost of executing prisoners is climbing. California has spent $4 billion due to court challenges.

The death penalty certainly needs to be abolished in Washington state for these reasons. Many countries in the developed world have already eliminated this egregious punishment in favor of more humane, society-inclusive measures for all inmates.

Also, the death penalty sends a very horrible message to everyone. It is wrong for a person to kill. It is acceptable and legal for the state to kill.

Erick Dietrich

Walla Walla


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