On guns and taxes


I’m writing in response to three letters published in the U-B on Feb. 24.

I want to comment on Dick Swenson’s opinion regarding gun control. Sadly, Dick chooses to criticize the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and “others” who believe in our inherent right to legally own and carry our guns, if we so choose.

LaPierre has offered many suggestions, contrary to Swenson’s criticisms, and of course, there is a very real and sensible answer to all suggestions regarding gun control — outlawing guns and attempting to prevent felons from having them. It is impossible to prevent felons from having them! Felons can make a gun (yes, from scratch) at home, steal them, buy them from across borders and from other felons!

Don’t take my word for it, please search out and read up on this.

One other point or two. Swenson seems to think people who own guns and/or believe in the Second Amendment must be paranoid. Sadly, he must not realize the “they” he refers to includes anyone who attempts to take the guns from law-abiding citizens, including his neighbors, friends, relatives, etc.

I will continue to criticize all who try to take away my rights, including my right to let felons know if they try to enter my house without invitation, they will be dealt with in a severe manner!

In response to Jimmie Brown’s and Michael Donovan’s letter regarding school bonds. Both are right on the money! Many do not trust the School Board, superintendent, spokesman and others. They don’t listen (or hear) that we already have “too many bonds” and it’s not economically feasible right now, considering there are senior citizens, unemployed folks, poor who struggle daily to pay bills, buy medicine and budget very tightly to eat decently.

If anyone thinks there aren’t more taxes being discussed locally and in Olympia, there are numerous proposals now before the state Legislature!

And our new governor has just unveiled a $50 million “clean-energy” proposal to create jobs. Folks, we’ve been there before. You know where that money will come from!

We’re taxed enough already !

Robert Phillips

College Place


wallyworldguy 2 years, 4 months ago

Excellent Letter and every point is right on the money


namvet60 2 years, 4 months ago

Truly a letter well covering the situations as a whole - Excellent!


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