Leave me alone — I'm working on my taxes


Today is a bad day. It’s snowing and I can’t get out of my driveway. My neighbor, who usually empties my driveway of snow, is in Mexico. He took his snow blower with him. This makes me very sad.

What makes me even more sad is that I have to complete my tax planner today. Thursday, I meet with my accountant, and tomorrow I have plans with my Bestie. Consequently, today is the day. I can put it off no longer.

A girlfriend called me this morning and I told her in a lofty, superior voice, “Oh, I can’t talk long, I’m working on my taxes.”

This is a lie. I have not yet started my taxes.

As a prime example of how I can continue to put off said taxes, I am instead writing this post. I have other posts to pen for websites that publish my work. I have been putting them off too, but they will have to wait. Taxes come first.

Yes, taxes absolutely come first today. That is, after I publish this post and share it on social media. After I make breakfast and after one more cup of coffee. After I get dressed. After I sharpen my pencils and prepare a work space. After I find the perfect old movie on television (this could take a while). After I have no more excuses.

Then, I will begin.

When I am finished compiling my taxes — before the sun sets — I have other fun tasks ahead of me. There is laundry and taking out the trash. However, the trash can’t go to the curb because of all the snow. This means I’ll need to shovel my driveway. Then, I will shovel the driveway of my neighbor who went to Mexico and took his snow blower. He has a two-car garage, which makes for a wide driveway. It is what we refer to as a “mixed blessing” in Minnesota.

I told you this was a bad day.

Now, leave me alone. This is an order. For crying out loud (as my father often said), I’m working on my taxes!

Nancy Wurtzel writes about making big changes at midlife. Her column, Dating Dementia, covers topics such as relationships, single parenting, empty nests, baby boomer issues, families, dating and caring for aging parents. She is based in Minneapolis.


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