Obama critics should cite their information


If, as Craig Buchanan states in his Wednesday letter, “senior officers in (military) branches are being interviewed and asked if they would fire on American citizens if ordered to by the president,” then I think it important that they and the unamed “USMC infantry battalion commander” come forward with their information to someone other than Mr. Buchanan.

Why are they not bellowing the news of such infamy?

Also I may as well mention again that the TelePrompTer was first used by Dwight Eisenhower — no lack of leadership there — and has been used by every president since.

Presidential speeches are state documents and it is crucial that they be accurately delivered and transcribed. Do you need a better reason?

Mark Raddatz

Walla Walla


Iopine 2 years, 8 months ago

Mr Raddatz - you should wake up - the rest of the President's use the teleprompter for long and boring political speeches but this current President needs a teleprompter at the dinner table for crying out loud!


MyFamNews 2 years, 8 months ago

namvet- If he walked on water, you would say it was because he couldn't swim. Could we just assume that you have nothing positive to say.


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