Purple octopus makes street bright


In regard to the purple octopus. It is amazing just how childish and foolish some of the city fathers are.

After reading about the mural for so long, I made a special trip to town to see it. Personally, I find it cute and charming. It’s bright on a dull city street. The kids must love it, too.

I am not a child at 78 years old. It is nice to see something to smile at.

The city officials are acting like a bunch of Scrooges.

I say to Bob Catsiff, hang in there. It is doubtful many people in the general public find the octopus offensive. This town can use some youthful outlooks. The whole county does not spend its time guzzling wine.

Keep the purple octopus and apologize to Mr. Catsiff.

Elberta George

Walla Walla


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