Box of puppies found in driveway



Blue Mountain Humane Society volunteer Kaelie Coleman attempts to hold three Chihuahua puppies that were recently abandoned.

WALLA WALLA — A box of abandoned puppies was discovered in the driveway of a house on the 300 block of Craig Street.

According to Blue Mountain Humane Society Executive Director Sara Archer, the three Chihuahua puppies were picked up and transported by police to the humane society at around 1 a.m. on Friday.

The puppies are approximately 8 weeks old and reported to be in good health.

They were given their vaccinations and will be up for adoption once they reach two pounds and have been either spayed or neutered.

Archer questioned why anyone would abandon a pet when the policy of the humane society is to accept all cat or dog donations.

“It happens more often that I wish it did ... last week there was a dog tied to a tree outside the humane society,” Archer said, noting that most abandonings are on humane society grounds.

In a recent case, the dog chewed through its leash and ran away before staff got to the animal. The result was four days of trying to coax and catch the dog, which was finally accomplished, Archer said.

The humane society normally asks for a $40 donation for each animal deposited, but it will forgo the fee if the person doesn’t have the money, she said.

Pets are rarely boxed and left abandoned at locations other than the humane society, but Archer recalled a box of kittens that was found off Wallula Road about two years ago.

The kittens survived.


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