GOP finds way to force policy on us


Remember the Jeep lie produced repeatedly during the Romney campaign despite Jeep’s continued protests?

Outright lie.

Romney’s campaign said, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.” Well OK then.

Remember when state governors of both parties asked President Obama to have more control over welfare in their states and Obama said yes, as long as welfare remains tied to work?

Outright lie: In the middle of Romney’s campaign and again near the end, nationwide TV ads saying, Obama guts welfare law, removes ties to work! This was also debunked repeatedly, but with no effect on the one-third of the nation always hungry for lies about Obama.

March 13, the House of Representatives, earning their taxpayer-provided paychecks in the usual Republican-led race to help the country (not!), decided to pass a law overturning President Obama’s gutting of the welfare law tying welfare to work. What? Can we get some educated people in there, please?

Now that the Republicans have gerrymandered their southern districts so they can’t be voted out and will remain in power in the House of Representatives forever, we can look forward to much, much more of their refusing to pass jobs bills to grow the economy.

The voters voted these guys out and voted Democrats in, sick of the lies and stupidity. Too bad, total votes don’t count. They’re still with us. Stay tuned for more lies specifically designed for the anti-fact-checking Republican base, many of them re-runs from the failed Romney campaign, already proven to be the opposite of what really happened. What a criminal waste of time and our money.

Anything to make Obama look bad. Anything at all. It’s the most important priority of the country for both the last four years and the coming four.

That and ensuring a more and more out of touch party stays in power to wreak its will as they become more and more the minority — male, pale and stale. Their mission is to shove down our throats the austerity policies failing horribly all over Europe and stop the elderly, disabled and poor from having Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

They know what we need, despite how we vote, and they’ll find a way to force it on us.

Linda Sue Buehler

Walla Walla


namvet60 2 years, 5 months ago

WOW - I don't know what your taking or drinking but I would try to get into rehab real quick before you hurt yourself!


wallyworldguy 2 years, 5 months ago

Linda, Obama doesn't need help from others to make him look bad. Know what I mean?? He does that very well on his own. Did you write for the "Ed Show", just wondering cause you sound just like him. Talking points from the left with no real factual content.


campbell_rd 2 years, 5 months ago

Your impression is that the election was fair and the Democrats are more honest is laughable. The last election was the most disgusting election ever. Democrats voting multiple times, their excuse? Judges refusing recounts... And democratic voters deciding that Obama deserves to win and any cost (even fraud and intimidation).

Also I love the mention of "Anything to make Obama look bad". Sorry, we don't need to do anything there. This president has spit on the Constitution, lied more than anyone in history and will do anything to achieve his agenda. He has spend millions of dollar hiding his past, the truth will come out! I'm not a republican, but I'm sure as heck no longer a democrat.

Romney wasn't a saint but Obama is out to destroy America.


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