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We see that Sen. Mike Hewitt, a former distributor of beverages, has helped modify state underage-drinking laws so that minors engaged in the study of wine production can taste the goods. (Honestly officer, we were just tasting it.)

But his effort seems to have been less concentrated in making sure that those high school students who have struggled to meet all of their state-mandated graduation requirements, except algebra, will not fail.

Members of our local school district appeared recently in Olympia, asking for a special designation (such as a bronze-star diploma, or a silver-star diploma), instead of the regular-gold star diploma for those students who have worked valiantly, but simply could not grasp this subject.

This situation is certainly worth careful evaluation, for if these students are just given an F some do not have many good options.

It is time to be responsible and to be realistic. All students are not cut out for grasping algebra, and those who struggle with it won’t go on to careers in math and science anyway.

Senators and representatives from this area, please listen to our successful and caring educators.

Believe me, they are planning for these kids to succeed in this game of life, and hate to see lifelong career opportunities permanently damaged because of no diploma related to a bad experience involving one subject.

I hope our state legislators will be speaking with area educators soon to better understand this side of the story.

I believe there are as much as or more important things at stake here than spitting wine. I backed the Republican delegation because I felt it was pro-education.

Perhaps we could even pull a pop quiz on the Washington state House and Senate body, giving the one time pass or fail algebra quiz, where they would have to live with the results of the quiz forever.

I wish Sen. Hewitt had been an educator so he could more clearly perceive what challenges and options these students and educators face.

If there is still room to move in this session with this situation, I heartily recommend lawmakers do so. Otherwise steps must be taken to analyze the proposal, and get it back on track to become a law next session.

Jerry Zahl

College Place


namvet60 1 year, 6 months ago

I'm not sure if the letter writer knows what is involved with being a beverage distributor but if the person is not involved in math they won't last long in the business. The beverage business is centered around numbers.


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