Gun violence issue not so simple


The Sunday edition of the U-B ran a commentary by David Horsey on gun ownership.

For those unfamiliar with Horsey, we normally see his work in the political cartoons of some papers (including the U-B). After reading his commentary, it is apparent why he is more noted as a cartoonist than a political commentator.

In fact his commentary and name bring to mind the rear part of my wife’s horse.

Mr. Horsey arrives at the conclusion that Republicans, country folk, and the elderly are the ones buying and hoarding guns.

The statistics he quotes to arrive at this conclusion suggests that either a large number of people who are liberal didn’t vote in the last general election or they verify the truth that there actually are three types of statistics — statistics, lying statistics and damn lying statistics.

To avoid senseless shooting incidents, we do need to change gun ownership laws.

However, I think it is a little more involved than just prohibiting the sale of gun types, ammunition or gun magazines.

Mr. Horsey’s commentary tries to place blame on conservatives rather than making suggestions to correct the problem.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla


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