Rep. Walsh heard both sides before deciding


Having read the column by Danny Westneat of The Seattle Times in the March 19 Union-Bulletin, I have some comments for you to think about.

Over half of all crimes committed are by repeat offenders. If Westneat were to check the FBI statistics he would see it is well above half.

Will keeping these people locked up reduce crime?

It is an automatic five years in prison in Washington state for using a firearm in the commission of a crime.

How often does that happen? Rarely.

If you lie when filling out the background form (and that is why most are denied) it is perjury. How many of those are prosecuted?

Do you think any of these laws being strictly enforced might help?

Rep. Maureen Walsh has common sense, something that is sadly scarce these days. Having heard both sides of the debate, Rep. Walsh made an informed decision. We appreciate her for that.

Gun control is a feel-good decision, not an effective safety decision.

Is Westneat honestly naive enough to think the criminals will still not find a way around the new laws?

Betty J. Tabor

Walla Walla


Chas 2 years, 3 months ago

The right of children to a future outweigh anything involving a gun.

Why I know anything about some ancestor's at all is that they mustered at the local armory and presented their weapons to inspection. Most were fined sometimes throughout their lifetime. Amazing what records survive over three centuries.

You want Original Intent? It's there for you to read and discover on your own. You're not going to like it. They were Regulated Militia.


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