Shootings, bomb attacks kill five in four incidents across Iraq


BAGHDAD — Shootings and blasts killed five people in Iraq today, including two local politicians in a town north of Baghdad who died when a bomb attached to their car exploded, officials said.

The head of Tuz Khormato’s local council and a council member were killed and a third official, a mayor, was wounded, a police official said.

In Bagdad, a bomb attached to a minibus in the northern Kazimiyah neighborhood killed one commuter and wounded five, another police officer said. Later that day, gunmen with pistols fitted with silencers killed a police officer in a drive-by shooting in the east of the capital, he said.

Another policeman was killed and five people were wounded when their checkpoint came under fire from gunmen in two speeding cars in a second drive-by shooting in western Baghdad.


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