Obama takes America on path of destruction


Electing Barack Obama once was bad enough. It should have been obvious to anyone paying an ounce of attention that Obama didn’t respect America, and had plans for our country that would lead us down a slippery slope of despair and destruction.

Unfortunately, and that’s putting it mildly, Obama was able to convince the uninformed and naive that he would change America in a good way. Add to the mix those who have the same mindset as Obama and it’s easy, although disgusting, to see why such a far-left radical was allowed to occupy the Oval Office.

Still, there was hope. Americans had the chance to take our country back. There was hope that, this time, people would pay attention. There was hope that overwhelming evidence would end the silly love affair with Obama.

There was hope that an honest evaluation of Obama’s record and actions would ignite the desire and resolve to fight for America’s future. There was hope. But, again, political correctness quashed common sense. Those too lazy to care gave Obama’s deceptions a pass. His arrogant disregard for the Constitution was ignored.

Obama was re-elected.

So, Obama has four more years to ramrod his fallacious, destructive agenda down America’s throat. The sound of gagging is getting louder! All the while, Obama’s adoring devotees cast caution aside as they eagerly await all the so-called good things to come.

I hate to say it, but I doubt that America will ever be the same. The damage has been done to it is extensive. I don’t know if recovery is possible. I pray that it is. But, if not, what’s left? As the world becomes more chaotic and other nations fail and fall, what’s left?

We can’t trust Obama to make everything A-OK. He never will. It’s foolish to trust anyone who kowtows to all that’s wrong, changing the definition of truth to achieve justification.

There’s only one who’s worthy of trust. There’s only one who can restore hope and heal our land. There’s only one who will save us from destruction. It’s not Barack Obama. It’s Jesus Christ!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


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