Time for city manager, Council to go


The city of Walla Walla has been voted “Friendliest City in America” and has the moniker “The Town so Nice they Named it Twice.”

What could have been a masterful public relations opportunity has been turned into vindictive, cover-of-darkness political shenanigans on the part of an inept, small-minded City Council and city manager.

Does the City Council and Nabiel Shawa really not understand the public relations miracle they had in having a toy store and candy store together on Main street? How did they miss the opportunity presented by that giant octopus mural?

That wasn’t just a mural, it was a destination as word spread about the awesome painting on a toy store in the friendliest small town around.

But instead, they squandered the opportunity and showed their true colors.

Toy stores bring joy to kids and families, something that this administration appears to have missed entirely. By attacking that colorful mural, they have shown themselves to be both anti-small business and anti-family. To paint over it in the cover of night is petty and in poor taste.

Quite frankly, the legal case against a toy store (a toy store!) is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In the three years we’ve lived here, we’ve seen a failed street project in front of our house, been double-billed for more than two years for our utilities due to city error, and seen the complete ineptitude of the city in their cutting of the curbside recycling program.

This is not a well-governed city.

As someone who wants this to be truly the friendliest small town around and a place where kids and small businesses can thrive, I cannot ignore the incompetence of the current city government.

It is time for Nabiel Shawa and City Council members to all go. The city has had its day, now it is time for families and small business owners to have theirs by seeing all of them thrown out of office.

Jeff Strickler

Walla Walla


wallanative1966 1 year, 4 months ago

You are correct the City Council has to go! One of them for sure, Mr.Laib is a disgrace to the city council and disgusts me.


Scooter 1 year, 4 months ago

This whole thing could have been avoided if the store's owner had elected to work with the City administrators rather than, in defiance and the "dark of night," moving forward with a design that had already been rejected by the City (before any paint went on the wall).It's quite possible, I think, that the owner could have painted exactly that same piece over his store (with the City's blessings) if he had simply been willing to negotiate with the City for some kind of exclusion from the sign ordinace as currently written. He knew, when it went up, that he was facing some substantial risk in ignoring the City's initial rejection of the "sign." I'm not sure, too, that he didn't get exactly what he was looking for . . . . a significant amount of "free" advertising that went national.Though I liked the painting, and wish it were still there, I think we can all agree that such a Code is in place for a reason. We certainly wouldn't want to see "Hot Poop" paint a big mural, based on its namesake, on the front of its downtown store.We all need to be reasonable and follow the rules. If we don't like those rules, then we should go through the legal processes available to us to try to change them.


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