Newspaper, Cooper took ‘cheap shot’ at sheriff


It is obvious (and appalling) to me that the Union-Bulletin editor, reporter and Walla Walla County sheriff’s deputy Tom Cooper threw a “cheap shot” at our sheriff on April 14.

This front-page attack on Sheriff John Turner is unjustified and simply wrong.

Ed Reading’s letter on April 16 was spot-on correct. The U-B and Cooper demonstrated their bias with that disgusting attack — especially when the Union-Bulletin editor should have offered a direct response from Sheriff Turner right alongside Cooper’s “free ad” instead of hiding it a few days later in a back section of a Sunday paper.

The U-B needs an editor who is fair and balanced, not biased — as this one has continuously demonstrated to the public. Folks, think about this. Cooper has been drawing checks from the taxpayers since September of last year while not being able to work. In December, he went on light duty, drew his pay until April and is still drawing paychecks while not working. I have heard he went hunting this winter with this “recurring injury” while drawing paychecks from the public.

He wants to run for county sheriff ? Your tax money, folks!

It seems obvious to me that being a strong supporter of Bill White is not a very credible endorsement, considering White is the same deputy who was said to have thrown other officers under the bus during a riot at the Fairgrounds sometime back. To be more specific, other deputies were being physically attacked (and injured) and yelled for his help. He stayed by the car and didn’t assist. That said, being a good ol’ boy is not bad, except when it becomes a bad, good ol’ boy!

Here is some more worthwhile information to consider. Sheriff Turner made several promises during his campaign, including working hard to add 2 K-9 Deputies to his staff. It’s done and they are both here and ready to serve.

Citizens may see them on Saturday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at L&G Ranch Supply.

Two other promises were transparency (Sheriff’s Roundtable Meetings with the public, quarterly) and 24/7 Sheriff’s Office coverage throughout the county. These promises have been kept, and are a lot more than others have done!

Michael Donovan

Walla Walla


barracuda 2 years, 7 months ago


"I have heard he went hunting this winter with this “recurring injury” while drawing paychecks from the public" ......AND...... "same deputy who was said to have thrown other officers under the bus "

There is a alot of hearsay in this letter.


tinstar 2 years, 7 months ago

I think Mr. Donavan should rethink his statements, and get the truth before making these type of statements. May be the UB should refuse to print anything He has submitted.


ImJustSayin 2 years, 7 months ago

Who are you to say it's not the truth? You don't work there anymore and only getting your information from disgruntled current that is probably a tad jaded.


cropcircles 2 years, 7 months ago

This doesn't sound like the letter was written from someone outside the office, unless Turner fed him these personnel issues. How would Donovan know that Cooper went hunting while injured, unless he went with him. How did he know that White "through people under the bus" during a riot at the fairground unless once again Donovan was present. Read other letters written by Donovan. This is not the same person. Probably a letter written by Turner and fed to Donovan for his signature. Oh and let's not give credit to Turner for the K-9s. That money was raised by the sheriff's foundation. But Turner is right about one thing. He did hold true to his promise to have quarterly meetings so that his friends and family could have somewhere to go once every 3 months.


tinstar 2 years, 7 months ago

RE: IM Just Saying: Not sure where you get your information from, but apparently you must be the one who continues to get thrown under the bus, and still can't figure that out. As to disgruntled employees, there appear to be several, and only a handful who can't seem to see the light. Most of the citizens of Walla Walla have figured it out. Most citizens are upset with all the bad publicity the sheriff's office is receiving. It seems every day something else comes up, which continues to raise questions about the sheriff's office. May be one of these days the situation will get straightened out.


mythoughts 1 year, 5 months ago

Research the Sheriff candidates instead of listening to rumors and half truths. Here are some links to go to:

Link to the Sheriff Candidates Forum that was held in Touchet June 24, 2014.

Here are the links to the interviews done by the radio station KUJ. Just scroll down the page until you find each candidate (John Turner, Barry Blackman, Tom Cooper).


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