NRA gets its power from ordinary people


Annie Capestany’s letter to the editor (April 21) was amusing. Let me see if I have this straight, there are approximately 350 million firearms in the United States and the vast majority of these firearms are owned by elderly, white, Republican men.

I have never been a member of the Republican Party. I have been a registered independent since 1978 and have consistently voted against politicians who support new gun-control legislation.

Immigrants and guns. The picture that comes to my mind is of the Korean immigrants standing on the roof of their retail business armed with shotguns and rifles during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Their business and livelihood survived even though many of their neighbors’ businesses were destroyed. It’s posted on YouTube.

In the early 1980s I was working alone during wheat harvest at a grain elevator on Harvey Shaw Road. One afternoon a Washington State Patrol car pulled up to the elevator and the officer asked if I had seen a sports car with two men in it drive by.

I told the officer that no one had been by for an hour. He told me that the two men were inmates who had just escaped from the Washington State Penitentiary. I thanked him for the information and when he left I retrieved the loaded handgun I had in my vehicle and put it in my pocket, where it stayed for the remainder of the day. I was glad that I was carrying that day. I did have a permit for the handgun.

Where does the National Rifle Association derive its power from? Answer: Ordinary citizens.

I have never been a member of the NRA but I contributed for several years to the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action to counter new gun-control legislation. There are actually a number of citizens in the U.S. who support the NRA and its efforts even though they themselves have never been members of the NRA.

Another organization I have never belonged to and will never join is AARP. Now there is a group whose power and influence really does scare me.

Dan R. Drumheller

Walla Walla


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