City golf course is an embarrassment


I grew up in Walla Walla and have several family members who still reside in this lovely town. I now live on the west side of the state but am able to enjoy frequent return visits to my hometown.

These visits almost always include a round of golf, in addition to visiting family and friends. I always enjoy the Walla Walla golf courses and I recommend them to friends ... until now.

I played Veteran’s Memorial on April 28 and have never seen a more poorly maintained golf course.

On arrival we were told we could not rent a cart as the course only has five power carts and these were already rented. Apparently all the other carts were sold or abandoned for want of repair.

Fortunately, I can walk 18 holes but there are many golfers who cannot, which makes Vets unplayable for these golfers.

So we walked the course and discovered that the negligence did not end with poor cart management.

The condition of this golf course was awful. The roughs had not been mowed for at least a week.

The course was littered with dead trees. Every sand trap was filled with weeds and had not been raked in ages.

This was a huge letdown as I have been playing Vets for almost 50 years.

I am sorry to say I can no longer recommend Vets to any of my golfing friends. This course is an embarrassment to the city.

Perhaps there are valid reasons why a city striving to gain prominence as a vacation destination would allow one of its crown jewels to decay into a bad joke. I can’t think of what those reasons would be and I can only say, “Shame on you city of Walla Walla”.

Mike Griswold

Clyde Hill, Wash.


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