Double standards on illegal immigration


In recent news, Oregon lawmakers are authorizing the State Department of Licensing to provide drivers licenses to “illegal undocumented immigrants.” Oregon follows four other states — Washington, New Mexico, Utah and Illinois in this venture.

“Illegal” is defined as “contrary to or forbidden by law.”

“Illegal immigrant” is defined as: “One who has entered the U.S. with out government permission or who has stayed beyond the termination date of a Visa; without papers.”

Employers can be fined $250 to $10,000 per employee and face six months in jail if they knowingly hire illegal immigrants. President Obama was quoted as saying, “Measures should contain penalties for company that purposely hire illegal immigrants”

My questions:

How can states knowingly provide U.S. benefits and documentation to illegal immigrants and face no penalties or fines, whereas employers take the full heat?

How can states/lawmakers lawfully charge criminals with illegal activity in one instance while knowingly providing US documentation to another group while ignoring the fact they are “illegal aliens”?

How can an illegal immigrant even apply for a drivers license if they are undocumented? Who is to say they are providing accurate data to a state licensing clerk?

Hypothetically speaking, does it apply that if we get pulled over for speeding (an illegal act) we can fight it based on the states’ double-standard laws? If the state is going to prosecute us for an illegal act, the state must also prosecute all others engaged in illegal activities, correct?

Law-abiding citizens do not get to pick and choose what laws we abide by, why is it the state can pick and choose?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is noted as stating, “Our goal is compliance and deterrence.” ICE needs to start within the state capitals.

Amy White

Walla Walla


namvet60 2 years ago

Very good letter Ms White - my sentiments exactly. If the the monies paid into illegal imigrants accounts were cancelled there would be plenty of money to fund the education departments of quite a number of schools. It seems this state government and the federal government are more concerned about the illegals than they are about the legal citizens of the good ole US of A.

Try going to another country and demand that you want all the paperwork and school classes done in your language - guess what - you will not see sunshine for many, many moons! Why are these demands even considered in this great country?


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