No sycamores should be destroyed


The idea to destroy beautiful sycamores along Rose Street demands alternative thinking.

Please don’t use the same brush strokes of thinking that painted over the octopus mural on Main Street.

Trees age in beauty — providing shade in summer, shelter and more beauty in winter.

No one can deny Rose Street needs resurfacing. However, sacrificing the trees for a center (suicide) turning lane and bicycle path doesn’t ring true as a good idea.

Walla Walla’s fine bus service is bicycle friendly and can transport cyclists and their gear during peak traffic hours.

If a second cycling path is really needed, maybe one could be made along the railroad right of way.

Phillip Monfort



barracuda 1 year, 4 months ago

The center "suicide" lane concept is used all over, Just look at the MF's Highway 11. And they have a higher volume of cars..... And higher speed limit.....


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