Jeepers, creepers, isn't that Mr. Peepers?


LEXINGTON, Ky. — Until two years ago, the only thing Chris Kattan did involving stand-up comedy was make fun of it.

The comic actor and “Saturday Night Live” alum remembers an entire sketch he helped dream up poking fun at terrible stand-up comedians during his time at the legendary Los Angeles comedy improv school The Groundlings.

Now, after decades doing sketch comedy, television and film, Kattan, 42, has decided to devote his time to stand-up comedy and getting audiences to laugh at him for all the right reasons.

Kattan wasn’t trained to be a stand-up comic, but he was practically born to get laughs. His father was one of the original members of The Groundlings comedy troupe, and Kattan had no problem following suit.

Two years ago, Kattan decided to try stand-up. As he started touring, selling out comedy clubs and getting positive feedback from crowds, Kattan became more determined to devote his time to honing his newfound skill.

Kattan said he doesn’t just “have a bunch of jokes,” but he’s learned to craft a show with a beginning, middle and end that allows for plenty of detours.

“I can’t help but get involved with the audience all the time,” Kattan said. “I have a way of not putting a wall between us. It still allows me to goof around when I want to.”

Stand-up comedy is giving Kattan the creative fulfillment he’s constantly seeking as a performer, and he thinks he’s honing in on a style that works for him and his fans.

“I know the audience wants to see me, but not exactly me,” Kattan said. “I think the mix is there.”


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