Cultural insanity in America


Watching news about doings in Boston puts me in a mood to ponder whether our society has completely lost its bearings.

A family from one of the former USSR provinces comes to the U.S., requests political asylum, and is immediately plugged into our very generous welfare system. The family members hate everything about us but the largesse they collect.

In spite of the intense state of fear from the political threat overseas, they manage to freely move back and forth from our country to that nation from which they requested asylum without arousing any suspicion whatsoever.

I know young people who pass up college because they cannot afford it. Or some who started in college but ran out of funds and had to drop out.

We have a set of radical Russian expatriates who plot our destruction, along with friends who are willing to abet them, and we are giving them all the advantages of a free American college education.

If that isn’t a good definition of cultural insanity, it certainly could be considered close enough.

Tom Baker



namvet60 2 years, 2 months ago

If your an illegal you may reap the benefits while the poor starve. The new American Dream set in motion!


scottyr 2 years, 2 months ago

Hummm, Tom, how about we reinstate the requirement to start every educational class in the country with the Pledge of Allegiance? Oh, I forgot. That's not politically correct in a democracy. Well, I guess we are a nation of the cultually insane.


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