Hewitt shouldn’t have supported SB-5927


This is in regard to Sen. Mike Hewitt’s endorsement of Senate Bill 5927, which would allow business owners to refuse service based on differing religious or philosophical views.

I am a 51-year-old gay woman who was born and raised in Walla Walla. I cannot believe he would endorse such a bill! Really?

This bill would not only hurt the gay and lesbian population in the district but anyone who is not a white or Christian.

How is it going to work when a Muslim tries to make a purchase at a local florist, for example, and is told by the Catholic owner they don’t have to sell to him. Really?

How about the numerous Whitman College students of other races and religions?

A person who owns a business that serves the public should be held to the highest standard of nondiscrimination or get out of town! If you want to serve only the people you see worthy, own a private, members’ only company!

No person should have to be concerned they are going to be denied service of any type based on their religious or philosophical views. This is wrong on so many levels.

I will make sure Sen. Hewitt never receives a vote from me or anyone I can influence, based on his recent decisions! Support of this bill is a disgrace to the beautiful Walla Walla Valley!

By the way, yes, we can grow our own food and we would be happy to sell it to anyone — even to nourish a narrow mind.

Rebecca HaneyNixon

Walla Walla


PearlY 2 years, 3 months ago

Business owners may legally discriminate on any number of grounds.

They can do it directly, "No shoes, no shirt, no service" or indirectly, "Closed on Sunday."

They can decline to take cash, or credit cards, or checks.

They can "86" you (ban you from a bar or restaurant) for drinking too much, talking too loud, hitting on the waitress, not wearing green on St. Paddy's Day, or whatever else strikes their fancy.

If a business owner wants to decline your business because you end your sentences in prepositions, or because you have an NRA sticker on your car, or because you have a stuck-up attitude, she's within her rights.

In fact, every time a business owner chooses to carry or not carry a product or offer or not offer a service, its a discrimination against those who find the product or service offensive, or who want to buy it and can't.

Only a few grounds are forbidden by law. Originally, discrimination laws were intended to overcome racial discrimination against blacks so intense as to prevent them from enjoying freedom of movement about the country or from availing themselves of government services they had helped pay for. The wrong done to them was deemed more severe than the wrong being done to business owners by limiting their freedom of expression.

But every good idea can be carried to extremes. Rebecca HaneyNixon has done that by suggesting that every business owner must surrender ALL of his or her beliefs and rights to freedom of expression and association. That is wrong.

Business owners are citizens, too. Just like their customers, they should be entitled to make choices about whom they will do business with. Or would Rebecca favor making it illegal for customers to discriminate in the businesses they patronize? Maybe it would be best to have a government agency assign all customers to specific businesses, to make sure nobody discriminates in any way against anybody.

Rep. Hewitt was right to support this bill. The infringement on business owners' rights SHOULD have some limits.


namvet60 2 years, 3 months ago

Rep Hewitt stated in his own words that he was a conservative and a (traditional guy) so what would you expect? When these people represent there constituents doesn't mean that they throw there own morals and values out the window.


lgbfishing 2 years, 3 months ago

I see nothing wrong with the flower shop not serving the gay couple, I my opinion being gay is a choice not how we are born and if you choose to be gay then you reap the consequences that goes along with it. And no I am not narrow minded I just think the whole gay thing is immoral and not natural in the eyes of God.


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