Thoughts on Rose Street grumbling


I enjoyed Editorial Page Editor Rick Eskil’s column in the May 5 edition of the U-B entitled, “Rose Street flap ...,” though characterizing the current Rose Street matter as a brouhaha seemed a trifle far-fetched as I’ve only noted a handful of letters to the editor grumping over the city engineers’ decision. And when he claims that “folks like Rose Street the way it is (sans potholes)…” Has he taken a poll to support that conclusion or has he just made a “leap of faith?”

Simply jumping to the support of a few “squeaky wheels” might also have him supporting those who would text while driving or talk on their cellphones while driving ... or is that too far-fetched? By example, within the past year a Washington state legislator opined that concern over texting while driving was “silly,” as texting while driving was “just one more distraction among many.” Um, but I digress.

It just seems to me that if we taxpayers are to pay a staff of professionals to address the needs of our city, roads and otherwise, we ought to pay attention to their advice, Rose Street a case in point.

I’ve been involved in discussions with a representative of the city Engineering Department and it’s obvious the staff has done its homework. Have those grumping done their homework as well or is theirs simply a knee-jerk reaction? I’d like to think of the citizenry of Walla Walla as thoughtful and progressive, not simply mired in old habits.

Now as a “newcomer” to Walla Walla (coming up on eight years), and still on probationary status as a Walla Walla resident, it’s possible I’ve yet to become adequately acclimated. Still, felt I ought to “weigh in!”

Jay Grantier

Walla Walla


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