Who controls health care? The fox


The fox is in the chicken house. Yes, our health care in this country is controlled by insurance companies, hospitals, nonprofits, pharmaceuticals and the government.

Other countries give excellent care to their people with less money. So is the fox looking for a chicken to snatch?

Why are the medical bills so expensive? Medicare does not pay more than 10 to 15 percent over the actual cost. This accounts for the profits to the institutions. If you are able to secure a copy of the March 4 Time Magazine be prepared to feel like screaming before you are finished with the article.

Medical bills are killing us. This isn’t because of ObamaCare, which will factor in some of these problems and demand the high cost of insurance be under control.

Are too many tests being given in order to avoid malpractice suits? What is the high cost of research and development of drugs costing and who pays for this?

Have you tried to read a hospital bill recently? So much is in code so you don’t know what you are being charged. If you are a Medicare patient you think, “Oh it is being paid for.” Yes, at your expense and the taxpayers’.

If I would suggest single-payer insurance, then everyone would howl “socialism.”

The people on Medicare and Medicaid already use this system and it is far more economical than insurance companies, but who controls all of this? The lobbyists and Congress.

Millions are spent by them giving our Congress members money for their campaigns so they can be re-elected to vote the way the fox wants them to.

Robertta Hunt

Walla Walla


chicoli 2 years, 6 months ago

We in this country have the best doctors, hospitals and medical technology in the world. Sadly we do not have the best medical care in the world as we should. We do have the most expensive medial care in the world, indeed. It is ironic that right inside this country, the US military and the VA hospital and clinic system has the best templates for socialized medicine there is and both institutions are are incredibily cost efffective. For the most part they have managed to keep private insurances and expensive pharmaceuticals out of the way. These 2 institutions ( the military and the VA) are the only ones in the world with fully computerized medical records. We know how to do it best, but we must do it the US military and the VA system way. With these templates the Affordable Care Act could be improved, and be transitioned into a more solvent, free from private, expensive medical insurances. Corrupt politicians need to go as well.


Iopine 2 years, 6 months ago

paco you humor me! You tell a good story (I agree that the military and VA are fully digital) but you only tell half of the story. When you tell the rest of the story is as follows: When you have an emergency medical problem you go to the emergency room and the VA might pick up the tab - But if you have a non-emergency medical problem (such as surgery) you can go to the VA and before you will proceed with that surgery you have to have clearance from the Joint Chiefs of Staff (maybe not quite that high). That is exactly where this Obamacare is heading is that before anything happens on Medicare or Medicad you will have to have clearance from the government before either one will cover whatever medical procedure has to be performed. In the meantime there might be a long passage of time before approval and unless if you have the funds to cover the procedure it may be some time before you have surgery or pass on - which ever comes first! Think about it.


chicoli 2 years, 6 months ago

Just read the last 2 sentences of my post above!


Iopine 2 years, 6 months ago

If you care to re-read my post you would understand!


Iopine 2 years, 6 months ago

After some thought - allow me to explain because apparently your not comprehending my post. What I'm saying is your Obamacare is developing into the same as the military & VA options. In order to have a non-emergency surgery it takes a lot of channels to go through with the VA system - with Obamacare your going to have the same problem. Any surgery or expense on Medicare or Medicad will be examined by a board or committee to see if Medicare or Medicad will cover such a medical issue. Now if it is deemed necessary that that issue is to costly they will issue drugs or alternatives for the patient. So you state that corrupt individuals should go which means that most of the democratic Senate and democratic House along with the current President should be shown the exit. Now if thats what you meant I totally agree. Otherwise back to square one - you still humor me with your false reality.


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