Thoughts on recent events


I’ll begin with Robert Day’s letter on May 3. He’s correct. The NRA gets its power from the American people.

We have a constitutional right to purchase, own and “keep” guns. I don’t want anyone to infringe on my rights, or others’ rights, as long as they are law-abiding people and respect the lives and property of others.

In regards to Annie Capestany’s letter about older, white men who are mostly Republicans.

In my humble opinion, she should do more research before she writes, especially in the area of anger management (hers). Often, it seems to me she doesn’t give a hoot whether she’s correct or not, but rather has a need to insist others are wrong if they might disagree. I believe she has a right to express herself but I suggest one’s house needs to be in order before attacking others.

Regarding Rose Street, the city should trim the beautiful sycamore trees only where heavy limbs are hanging out near the yellow lines, and forget being big spenders with our (taxpayers’) money.

Big spending reminds me of the current School Board and administration. Oh, I nearly forgot, some think they know it all and others are missing in action. Anyone notice the school superintendent and others seem to be pushing to get the bonds going again?

I’m in agreement with Michael Donovan’s letter on May 1 and similarly disgusted with the U-B for obviously showing its bias and immature attitude toward county Sheriff John Turner.

I attended the K-9 deputies recent introduction at L&G. I appreciate the many people who were there and voiced their appreciation to Sheriff Turner, K-9 handlers, other deputies and several city police officers there. It was great to see, and I personally was grateful to have the opportunity to hear and talk to nearly all the deputies.

They were all extremely positive about the Sheriff’s Office and the fact that Turner’s promises are being kept. Several of them stated outright they were very happy about the progress being made in the short time since Turner was elected.

By the way, I never saw the U-B there and I haven’t seen any writeup about it. Did I miss it?

We absolutely need a new publisher or perhaps another newspaper. I’m sick of this kind of bias treatment. What is the publisher doing? I realize he and his family own the U-B and The Seattle Times, but this is ridiculous, shameful and embarrassing!

Robert Phillips

College Place


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