Video: Democrats for Education Reform’s Lisa Macfarlane argues for higher academic standards


The third guest in our occasional “Education Conversations” video series is Lisa Macfarlane, Washington state director of Democrats for Education Reform.

Macfarlane recently sat down with editorial writer Lynne K. Varner to discuss three questions:

What does education mean to you?

What does an ideal education system look like?

What’s one reform Washington needs now?

In the interview, Macfarlane — most well-known for changing Seattle levy campaign requirements to a simple majority and for reversing her former opposition to charter schools — argues for “uniformly high” academic standards for all high school graduates so that they are better-prepared for the work force.

Watch the video below:


Lisa Macfarlane on higher academic standards

“Education Conversations” is an occasional series from The Seattle Times editorial board, highlighting the latest thinking in education.


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