City Council lack courage of convictions?


Regarding the U-B editorial on May 10 (“Rescinding Rose Street vote ...).

A couple questions come to mind. Did some of our City Council members, including our mayor, reverse their stand on the Rose Street matter as a result of having “seen the light” or instead, “lacking the courage of their convictions?”

And as to your claiming “representative democracy” works, had the matter been submitted to a general referendum and I missed it or was the reversal a credit to the form of democracy wherein “the squeaky wheel gets the grease?”

As I conceded in my last letter, I still feel like a probationary resident of Walla Walla having lived here a bit less than eight years, so getting in tune with the area’s culture might take a little more time.

But is it possible that my fellow residents and our Council members ignored the carefully researched engineering study and the study has simply fallen victim to a “Don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts” frame of mind — or have I missed something?

Maybe those opposing the three-lane solution would be willing to come forward with a credible study of their own so we could all take comfort in the “final” decision — there’s no good reason to settle for second best!

Jay Grantier

Walla Walla


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