Wind towers big issue in Umatilla County


To the voters in Umatilla County pertaining to the county commissioner position.

It is time to quit voting for a friend, someone your friend recommended or a certain party candidate. It is time to look at how a candidate is going to vote for one specific item — wind power, especially when it pertains to its effect on your neighbors, friends, relatives and basically all people who live in rural areas.

There needs to be a two-mile setback from residences. People should not be put in a position of having to put up with the problems that wind towers cause when they are to close to residences.

Wind towers should never be allowed to go east of Hightway 11 into the Blue Mountains. I live in the Tollgate area and we are losing wild game to cougars and wolves. There is an average of 250 deer a year killed in the first 12 miles on the Tollgate Highway by cars every year.

Wind towers will affect deer and elk that presently live on the face of the Blues. Most people do not realize deer and elk have a fourth sense, which is feeling through their feet. A deer can feel a walking stick hit the ground at about 130 yards and a elk will feel it at about 75 yards. Wind Towers can be felt up to 500 yards, which will effect wild game staying in the Blues.

Sixty-five wind towers need around 3,000 acres because of wind patterns. Wild animals will leave the area. I have friends who put up wind towers who have said while they were building them deer were present every day, but after the wind towers were started the deer disappeared.

George Murdock does not fit the pattern of being the right person for the job. Terry Fife really did not have a positive opinion on the wind-tower placement. So that leaves four people left to vote for, but if you split the vote probably Mr, Murdock will win.

Looking at the ones left and looking at their qualifications, I would recommend Jerry Baker as a good candidate to get behind. I do not know Mr. Baker but he is a wildlife biologist and would know that wind towers have no business in our mountains.

If you are a hunter or just like to see wild animals when you visit the Blues then you need to really think about this vote.

James Burns



namvet60 1 year, 4 months ago

Very good letter and the only result from wind toweres are higher energy bills for all!


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