Time for Union-Bulletin to grow up


What in the world does the Union Bulletin have against Sheriff John Turner?

Turner is young, energetic, very open to the public, and seems to being doing a terrific job as sheriff.

He has held many public meetings to get opinions and suggestions from the people he serves. Turner even hosted a delightful hot dog and soda pop party at L&G to introduce the department’s new police dog. I suspect he even loves his mother.

The Union-Bulletin constantly writes stories about Turner that sound like a bunch of whiny kids on the playground who didn’t get their way.

It wasn’t that many years ago that Walla Walla was a small, isolated town no one ever heard of.

We also had a low-quality newspaper. Now this town has become quite cosmopolitan, has great diversity and has excellent entertainment and education opportunities.

Perhaps it’s time the Union-Bulletin grew up a little, maybe even hire a proofreader.

Penny Hawkins

Walla Walla


Myinput 1 year, 11 months ago

Like Ms. Hawkins, I too am a little tired of seeing all the negativity thrown at John Turner.

We get that the UB doesn't like him - quite clear. Whatever happened to "fair and balanced?"

I get there is nothing scandalous to write about since the Octopus debacle - but really, let's move on UB.

Let's find some positive things to write about. The world is negative as it is, let's move on. It's time.


Hay4 1 year, 11 months ago

The UB has done nothing wrong. I challenge these writers to identify any Sheriff in the last decade that has had this much negative feedback. It cannot be all made up. John Turner is a magnet for troubles. It is too bad that the SO has to go through all this. I say this with no bias, unfortunately, just follow his history in whatever he has been involved with. An un biased eye would see this and say.... Enough


ImJustSayin 1 year, 11 months ago

The only negativity is coming from the Barney Fife's of the old administration who don't like the fact they are now expected to do some work.

As far as the U-B..... Blethen should fire the "know it all" and the "hippy" and bring new blood in to the editorial board.


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