On the Agenda - Walla Walla City Council


When: Wednesday 7 p.m.

Where: 15 N. Third Ave.

Water: Authorizes purchase of no-lead compliant brass fittings from Ferguson Water Works for $116,130.

Landfill: Authorizes up to $67,000 contract with Shaw Environmental Inc. for gas field flare operation and maintenance; authorize $40,000 contract with Schwyn Environmental Services, LLC, for groundwater monitoring.

Myra Road: Authorize supplemental $318,000 contract with HDJ Design Group, PLLC, for design and construction, with 93 percent paid by state and federal grants.

Emergency services: Authorizes agreement to work under Walla Walla County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

Orchard Street: Reject one bid received.

Solar power: Solar panels to be installed by Walla Walla Flat Roof Educational Energy at water treatment facility at no cost to city.

City Hall improvements: Authorize $68,262 contract with Walla Walla Electric to re-feed electric service in to City Hall.


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