The left pushes its agenda with fear, intimidation


The left-wing reaction to Senate Bill 5927, intended to protect the rights of business owners, predictably tries to make it about homophobia, bigotry and hatred.

Its premise: A significant percentage of businesses are eager to harm homosexuals, blacks, Muslims, etc. by denying them food, medicine, finances and necessary services. Some or many business owners (and all supporters of SB 5927) are evil, racist and bigoted. The safety and well-being of ever-oppressed minority classes depends on continuously expanding government protections and intervention.

The reality: The vast majority of business owners are real people who harbor no ill will to any group. Owning a successful business requires dealing with a diverse public and few would turn down any business, especially to harm another.

A few years ago, a local graphic designer conscientiously declined promotional work for a local homosexual organization. Of course, it ruffled some feathers and there were calls to boycott his business. But believe it or not, everyone survived unharmed without government intervention and remained true to their principles. Freedom can work. But the left fears freedom. Today the graphic designer would be sued and punished by the leftist state and the supposedly “disadvantaged” party.

Neither the local graphic designer nor the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland deny services to any class of people. Indeed, the homosexual plaintiffs against Arlene’s flowers were admittedly regular customers, even friends of the owner.

In both cases, the business owners rightly declined business interactions involving processes and events requiring deeper professional and philosophical commitments than simple financial transactions.

Whose interest is served when a client forces the participation of a provider whose heart is not in the project but complies only for fear of prosecution/persecution? No one’s. Obviously the client should seek a more supportive provider.

So what we have currently is not a law to protect individuals against any actual harm, because there was zero harm, but a law used by the thought police to punish conscientious objectors to the state’s new moral code. The left doesn’t really object to legislating morality — as long as it’s its own!

The left fears freedom and uses fear and intimidation to push its agenda. This is expected since left-wing ideology is based on emotion, not reason or principle.

The socialist state and special interests are leveraging the culture’s hyper-sensitized fear of discrimination and hatred to intrude ever deeper into the arena of private enterprise, conscience and personal choice.

Lorne Blackman

Walla Walla


Iopine 2 years, 6 months ago

Very good letter Mr Blackman - I would also label a lot of the pushiness (sounds like a good word) to the conceit of individuals and the greed of cause and effect of having the spotlight for there out of the ordinary behavior.


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