Americans are on ‘right’ side of war


In response to Annie Capestany’s letter to the editor of May 12: War and the Second Amendment are not one in the same. War is fought to protect our country and our freedoms. Our military should have what it needs to do its job.

The Second Amendment is in place so citizens have the right to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. It doesn’t matter how many firearm laws are created and passed to subdue the responsible gun owner. The criminal will always find a way around them.

Ms. Capestany’s “often no ‘good guy’ in war” comment is a slap on the face of every American soldier whose back she is riding on. Our “good guys” and “good gals” are fighting, risking their lives, losing their lives, limbs and sanity just so she can have the freedom to live in her home, sip her tea and write her opinions in the U-B.

Perhaps if Ms. Capestany had to wear a burka and live in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., she would understand, appreciate, respect and honor the sacrifices that have been made for her.

To lump the “no ‘good guys’ in war” with the Hitlers of the world and our soldiers is appalling. As long as people hate America and who we are, there won’t be peace. Ms. Capestany wants to use her words to create a euphoric world. Sitting around the Kumbaya campfire to have peaceful, prosperous conversations with terrorists isn’t going to happen. Terrorists’ goal is to defeat what and who they hate — us. Terrorists would just as soon rape, torture and kill us as look at us, war or no war.

The terrorists’ “words” are driving a truck bomb underneath the World Trade Center, flying planes into the Twin Towers and a field in Pennsylvania, exploding pressure cooker bombs at a marathon and murdering Americans in Benghazi.

As long as there are terrorists we will have to depend on our soldiers to go to war for us.

Ms. Capestany believes there is often no “right side of war.” There is. Our soldiers are on the “right” side. America’s side, my side, even Ms. Capestany’s side.

Sheri Reiswig



Igor 2 years, 6 months ago

Outstanding! Excellent letter!


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