The Board of the Walla Walla Public Library, Beth Hudson, library director, and Jeffrey Townsend, media lab director, are inviting all y’all to the grand opening of the library’s media lab, CrewSpace.

The “bold new opportunity for media creators of all ages” and the event celebrating it are at the library, 238 E. Alder St., from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Friday.

Treats, sweets and a tour of CrewSpace are on tap. There will be demonstrations of its state-of-the-art technology and attendees can check out the classes and programs.

“Discover where Walla Walla’s kids will be going after school every day,” said Beth in a release. The new space was made possible by a grant from The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

Assistance with the event comes from Friends of the Walla Walla Public Library, Colville Street Patisserie and The Sultan’s Secret.

The community is encouraged to attend the third annual senior recognition ceremony for students in the Advancement Via Individual Determination program at Walla Walla High School. It will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the Wa-Hi commons.

All 23 AVID seniors have applied to at least one university or college and 21 of them have been accepted to at least one four-year university or college.

This fall, 17 of the 23 graduating Wa-Hi AVID seniors will attend a four-year university or college according to the Walla Walla Public Schools Week in Review online newsletter. Another seven will attend community college and one is entering the military.

The following plans are in place: Jose Albarran, Central Washington University; Vanesa Alvardo-Rivas, Cruz Arellano, Jose Carrasco, Stephanie Garcia, Brittany Gibbar, Ricardo Saldana, Jose Santacruz, all attending Walla Walla Community College; Daniel Camacho, Christopher Esquivel, Carlos Ibarra, Bertha Madrigal, Sarah Martin, Matthew Pauley, all attending Washington State University, Pullman; Viviana Castillo, University of Washington-Seattle; Nallely Facio, Melanie Mottern both attending Eastern Washington University; Michelle Hudon, Fabiola Lara, both attending Walla Walla University; Marilyn Melgoza, Gonzaga University; Nik Miner, U.S. Air Force; Felipe Salazar, Whitman College; and Nikki Sheldon, Southern Oregon University.

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