DuPont fire chief resigns for 'personal reasons' after AP report


OLYMPIA — DuPont’s fire chief will leave the job at the end of this week as the city awaits a final audit report related to its employment practices, officials said Wednesday.

City leaders said in a statement that Greg Hull will leave the office for “personal reasons.” The state Department of Retirement Systems has been auditing the city’s relationship with Hull since an Associated Press investigation described how Hull had been hired as an independent contractor.

As a contractor, Hull was able to earn a salary while continuing to draw an annual pension of $184,000, bringing his total yearly compensation to more than $300,000. Hull’s pension payments would have stopped if he had been classified as a regular employee, and the state decided to examine whether Hull should have been considered a city employee.

DuPont Mayor Michael Grayum said in a statement that Hull came to the city of 8,200 people following a period of turmoil in the fire department.

“His leadership and experience helped stabilize the services provided by our first responders,” Grayum said. “Our community is grateful to Chief Hull for the professional fire department we have today.”

Hull did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Dave Nelsen, the legal and legislative services manager at the Department of Retirement Systems, said the state recently provided a preliminary audit report to DuPont. He declined to discuss the audit’s conclusions but said the city didn’t agree with the state’s analysis and has provided additional documentation to consider.

The state is looking to finalize the audit, perhaps by the end of this week, Nelsen said.


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