Downtown Farmers Market is back, and it’s better


It is so nice to see the Downtown Walla Walla Farmers Market once again be a positive thriving environment to involve small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Elio Agostini and the crew at the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation did a remarkable job turning around what once was a market of turmoil. Market Manager Cheryl Thyken always maintained a positive outlook to turn past problems into tomorrow’s opportunity.

In the past, young entrepreneurs were blocked from the market due to insurance issues. Cheryl looked beyond the current situation and sought businesses that would be interested in donating to raise the funds necessary.

This year the insurance hurdle for youth vendors was overcome and youth marketers were welcomed back.

It was fantastic to see the kids back at the market selling their wares and having the opportunity to learn many of the facets involved with running a business in a safe environment. If you are a young person with an idea the market is there to assist. How nice.

As a business incubator, the Downtown Farmers Market has done amazingly well. Just this year a couple more market vendors have opened brick-and-mortar businesses. The end of the year potluck was held downstairs at the latest market success story, La Cocina de la Abuela.

As owner of A Wing and a Prayer Barbecue, I would highly recommend anyone with that entrepreneurial spark or the next brilliant idea to get involved next year.

The market greatly reduces personal risk. It gives all people the opportunity to introduce goods and services to the community. It is a very affordable way to start or promote an existing business.

Now is the time to start planning if you have the intestinal fortitude to step out and take the chance that can lead you to success in your own business.

Timm Johnson

Walla Walla


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