Don’t judge ACA until we know more


I appreciate U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ column explaining her position on the Affordable Care Act.

She states that “more people are being hurt than helped” in our 5th Congressional District and offers three anecdotes to support her observation. To be fair, using anecdotal cases is useful to bring color to facts. The problem is that we do not yet have the facts.

There are at least three components of ACA that urge caution in anticipating that the eventual facts will fall on the “hurt” side:

(1) The expansion of Medicaid in the state of Washington.

(2) The exclusion of pre-existing conditions from insurance eligibility

(3) The larger pools available to individual consumers.

Each of these components will help at least some residents of the 5th District. I urge that we let the signup process proceed and withhold our judgment until we have available a more solid accounting of the pros and cons for us and our neighbors.

In the meantime, let’s mutually commit to reducing medical costs and improving health outcomes.

Don Schwerin



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