If GMO is great, labeling should be desirable


Imagine a farmer naming his family farm “GMO Farms” and advertising that his family farm only raises the most genetically modified crops. That these crops are engineered to grow faster, bigger and cheaper than all the other crops available. That all GMO’s are approved safe and healthy for human consumption by all government agencies and the judges and lawyers who defend those agencies. That the scientific consensus is that these crops are also good for the planet and better for the environment, and that by buying the GMO food that his farm produces you are doing your part to support your local economy and save the environment.

Imagine all of the farmers and food producers rushing to label their products “GMO” because they are so good and desirable that consumers would choose them because they could not live without them. They are so beneficial that consumers would demand them — but it hasn’t happened. Instead we had a giant chemical corporation spending $22 million on a single initiative to prevent the labeling and advertising of its own biggest and best product.

Farmers are the independent thinkers who made this country great, so I am very surprised at the lack of GMO labeling support by farmers that has been described in the recent Initiative 522 vote. If GMO products and crops were truly a better way, we would see farmers voluntarily naming their farm “GMO Farms” and touting the “can’t live without the benefits of GMOs.”

Is it truly all about money? Have we become a nation of corporations just because the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people too?

Should we put profits above people, families, community and country?

It does seem logical if we were a giant chemical corporation, we would put profits first above all else, and our long-term business perspective would be that we would continue to develop so we can fix the problems we create today, with the technology we create tomorrow, hopefully.

Paul Quick



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